Holy Mountaineering

Not differentiating between any one thing & any other thing.

Anonymous asked: how long have you been practicing tarot divination?

I’ve been studying Tarot for around 8 years. I’ve been doing divination for about 6 years.

On a dinner break. Be back.

On a dinner break. Be back.

thedeadcamebackfromjerusalem asked: Just made a decision. Got a card to reveal anything for me? 93 93/93

2 of Cups, Love.
Like all the 2s the deuce of Water is building towards completion. This is the ever becomingness of love. Love never dies it is simply transformed like any other energy. Astrologically, Venus in Cancer can be interpreted as nurturing your emotional growth.

Build on what you’re feeling and don’t try to think about anything too concretely emotionally or intuitively. This is a building process so try not to focus on the final outcome but work with what you have now.

arnaut-rosseau asked: I would like a card please

XV The Devil OR The Lord of the Gates of Matter, Ayin, Capricorn. 
The Goat-Fish who is half in the mountains and half in the deeps of the oceans, high places and the deep.
This guy gets a REALLY bad rap that is very unwarranted. All The Devil is trying to do is Incarnate or materialize by Higher methods.

The card is a giant cock with faceless little white people in the balls looking like they want out, again, possibility trying to take hold and become a physical thing.
The Devil IS a trickster (“you little devil” being a common saying) so that worries some people. Those people are squares and probably have bad taste in music.
Manifest your potential and figure it out when it’s “real” and not just potential.

Anonymous asked: Can I have a card? My girlfriend and I just moved in together and everything has gone awry

Oh, I’m so sorry anon. This situation can often lead to bad and serious ass no good.

XIII Death, Nun, Scorpio.
Death is the best allegory we have for real fundamental change. Death is being in the process of changing from one form to another. I see Scorpio as the murky waters, which things are not clearly seen, Death is not known to those who haven’t died. Death is feared for the loss of control but when most people go, they get real peaceful and accepting. Death is avoided because of the loss of the current form that you’ve grown so comfortable with. Stagnation is a real killer but Death is a great refresher.
Things might not be clear now but that’s ‘cause you’re right in the middle of some higher order change. You’ll come out the other side a new person or thing entirely.

ohmeursault asked: Can I get some general guidance this evening?

Queen of Swords, or how you feel about what you think and your reasoning.
Ideally, this Queen is the caller out of bullshit. She is watery enough to feel when a facade is being put up and airy enough to cut through it. She rests at her throne with the head or mask of a man and the sword of her mind she severed the head/mask with. Her expression is one of disinterest, she’s done this many times before and shall again and again.

Use your bullshit detector, even on yourself. Be weary of situations and people talking from behind masks they wish to use to obscure their true intentions. 

taylorm0on asked: I would love a reading if its not too much trouble.

II The Priestess, Gimel, Lvna. “The Mystic Desert Traveller”

This is the High Priestess of LVNA, Diana, Artemis, and all things of the Moon. She is moved by invisible force, like the tides of the Oceans or the sands of desert wastes. This Priestess inuits and feels all phenomenon not seen by the lying eyes. She rides through the endless dunes on her camel, one of the few animals evolutionarily adapted for such harsh environments. She, like her camel, know the value of the desert, which is vast and sparse and awesome in it’s scope and intensity. Many mystical texts revolve around desert scenes of travel for that very reason.
She is also of Artemis, who loves animals and chooses them over Gods or men (or Goddesses or Women or anything else) but is the Huntress who also kills and consumes them. Love is complex and often involves several (possibly metaphorical) deaths. Taking in the energy of something that once was is very healthy if done sustainably. 
The High Priestess is no simple worshipper of unseen phenomenon, she runs the temple of Higher Feeling. The takes the vibrations and reflects them back out in the Universe, like her Deity, LVNA. 

Focus yourself to subtle vibrations that cannot be directly seen, yet are slowing moving things. Trust your intuition when it provides results. Prepare for a difficult and illuminating journey through what the layman would call a wasteland. You are built for this, you just have to feel what is not seen. Eat death, give life.

shroudedhills asked: May I have a card?

5 of Wands, Strife. “The pain in the ass that is having to do things.”
Like all the 5s this is a microcosmic or human card, stand up and stick your arms and legs out and count the points if you don’t believe me. 5s are also the halfway point between the Ace and the 10, so this can be a feeling of “stuck in the middle with ew.” 
The 5 of Wands is the natural friction that comes from motion. The pain in the ass part of this is the ability for the drag to keep pushing you down and burning up your fuel or energy. Astrologically this card is Saturn in Leo or structure and order not wanting to be structured or ordered at all.

Keep moving forward with the actions you’ve been taking in your life. Pick up your feet when you feel tired and you catch yourself dragging them. You’re only half way to where you’re going, but it would take the same amount of effort to go back as it would to keep going to where you need to be.

chickgonebad asked: I'd love a reading if you are so inclined. Thank you!

The Knight of Swords, the fiery part of Air or acting on thinking.
This is the breeze blowing the forest fire across a road. Our Knight has a sword in each hand as he dive bombs a fixed point. He has his airy bird friends in tow and his steed is as fixed as the rider.
You understand what you must do. Now, you must gather all available force to throw at your new focus.