Holy Mountaineering

Not differentiating between any one thing & any other thing.

Ecstasy is our out-span touching Reality. It is a potent generative instant having a surplus that, when synchronized, may be used abstractly to incarnate another wish.

—Austin Osman Spare, The Logomachy of Zos (via sublimesea)

(via sublimesea)

Anyone is capable of anything (will plus belief is ability) if they themselves create the opportune moment and incentive. Heaven gives no genius to disbelievers and no vengeance worse than the body denied.

—Austin Osman Spare, The Zo√ętic Grimoire of Zos: The Formulae of Zos vel Thanatos (via sublimesea)

(via sublimesea)

The Above is weak,
The Below is weak,
The form of the One becomes double.
North, rise and be gone,
West, retire to your place,
South, die down.
East, spread yourself,

The winds inbetween loosen the crucified.
The far poles are separated by the poles inbetween
The levels are broad ways, patient streets.
The bubbling pot grows cold.
The ash turns gray beneath its ground.
Night covers the sky and far below lies the black earth.

—Carl Jung, Liber Novus/The Red Book (via sublimesea)

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O ye that drink of the brine of your desire, ye are nigh to madness! Your torture increaseth as ye drink, yet still ye drink. Come up through the creeks to the fresh water; I shall be waiting for you with my kisses.

—Aleister Crowley, Liber LXV (via sublimesea)

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The spiritual quality of earth: eternally pregnant and containing in its fertility the unwritten cipher of cosmic lore.

—Freida Harris (via sublimesea)

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Sorry folks, just a brief window of Tarot tonight. If your ask is in I’ll read you in the order received next time I have my cards out.

BRB doing a spread for the Anarchist Accountant.

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Yes you may.

I shit you not, 6 of Swords, SCIENCE! AGAIN!!!!
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